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  • Reading: Kai/Hilary Fanfiction
:spotlight-left: This is the Kai/Hilary Literature/Poetry Corner!!! :spotlight-right:

Just like we have a Kai/Hilary Art Corner, this is the corner for Kai/Hilary fanfiction that our members have submitted on Deviantart. If your a member and want to have some of you fanfiction up on this journal, please send a note with the link to the fanfiction with the subject of 'Kai/Hil fanfiction link' to the club or the owner knowlee and I will try to get the link up on here as soon as I can.

:postit:Or if you have a account and your a member and you have Kai/Hilary fanfics on your account, feel free to send those also!!!

But also send the name of the fanfic along with the link!!!

:below: Manager's Kai/Hilary Fanfiction :below:

:iconknowlee:'s Kai/Hilary Fanfiction

:bulletpurple: The Future Isn't So Bright <Multi-chaptered Fanfiction, Haitus

:below: Members' Kai/Hilary Fanfiction :below:

:icondatshortiimon:'s Kai/Hilary Fanfiction

:bulletpurple: One Day, One Night <Poem

:iconspiritualenergy:'s Kai/Hilary Fanfiction

:bulletpurple: Chinese for Two <Multi-chaptered Fanfiction
:bulletpurple: Each Night <Oneshot

:iconrosweldrmr:'s Kai/Hilary Fanfiction

:bulletpurple: Living <Oneshot
:bulletpurple: New Resolve <Oneshot

:iconalannacrystal:'s Kai/Hilary Fanfiction

:bulletpurple: Waiting <Incomplete Beyblade/Yu-gi-oh! GX/Naruto Fanfiction
:bulletpurple: Open <Complete Multi-chaptered Fanfiction
:bulletpurple: Change <Oneshot
:bulletpurple: What You Mean to Me <Oneshot, Christmas theme

Journal Writers


These are the head honchos of KxH. If you have any questions regarding this group please ask them via note on their devART page.

Thank you. :)