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  • Watching: Kai/Hilary AMVs/Videos
Here is the section of the club where links to Kai/Hilary AMVs/Videos will be shown. :) If you wish to add an AMV of your own (please don't send links to videos that you didn't make), just note the club with the subject of 'AMV Link'.


AMV's by: :iconalannacrystal:

:bulletpurple:… (Some Ray/Mariah appears in this video)
:bulletpurple:… (Part 1)
:bulletpurple:… (Part 2)

She also has a series of videos that analyses the relationship between Kai and Hilary throughout Vforce and Grevolution.



Journal Writers


These are the head honchos of KxH. If you have any questions regarding this group please ask them via note on their devART page.

Thank you. :)